Democrat for State Representative
77th District

Good Jobs



The honest truth is that our state is in bad shape because of the loss of good paying jobs with benefits. We do not build things and therefore we do not create an environment that working families can thrive in. The right wing crazy mantra of free trade and tax cuts for the wealthy has been an utter failure.


Consider that we have been cutting taxes for the wealthy for three decades with the promise of good paying jobs. Anybody seen them? I have. I have seen jobs created and new factories built in China, Central America, and Indonesia. I have seen first hand the harm to Michigan from the outsourcing of good jobs and the devaluing of workers. 


The disinvestment in Michigan by Business and their supporters I say is tantamount to treason. Working families have been betrayed by Republican “Trickle Down Economics” long enough. In order for our working families to recover along with our state we need to promote investment in Michigan. Michigan is not a state just for the privileged and powerful.

Please understand I do believe in and will support businesses and working families striving to make a profit. However, I will not support outsourcing of our jobs just to make greater profits. Michigan can and will recover when we again build things.    


As your Representative I will support the creation of good paying jobs here in Michigan. I will support Small Businesses and manufactures who will create the good jobs of tomorrow. As your Representative I will fight tirelessly against the denigration and devaluing of working families.


Freedom of Labor Supporter.

I am a freedom of labor supporter which means I support labor unions. As a believer in Freedom of Labor, I am committed to giving workers a free and fair opportunity to organize a union and to guarantee workers their full rights in the workplace. I assure you that “Right to Work” is wrong for Michigan. It will do nothing but further erode the strength of workers and devalue their labor.

“Right-to-Work … provides no rights and no work. …Its purpose is to

destroy labor unions and the freedom of collective bargaining ….”

Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr.








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