Democrat for State Representative
77th District

Mis-Used Issues

The Defense of Marriage.


The defense of marriage is quite simply unnecessary. The Republican Party has trumped up this issue to whip their base into a frenzy. The institution of marriage has existed and will exist for centuries to come. Instead of worrying about same sex couples who want to enter into committed relationships we should focus on why so many committed heterosexual couples divorce.

Right to Life


Although the premise of protecting the unborn is very noble, this organization has proven to be a sham. In practice, this organization is nothing more than a fundraising tool for the Republican Party. The candidates that “Right to Life” endorses are predominantly Republican who claim to hold life sacred. However those candidate’s actions and positions indicate otherwise. Most support the death penalty, unjust wars, and increased infant mortality rates. They work and campaign against sex education and women having any say when it comes to reproduction. They consistently support the increasing of wealth for a small number of Americans while forcing more and more citizens into poverty. The Republican philosophy of just making abortion illegal and it will not exist is a fallacy. In actuality such a law would be a disaster. It would return us to the time of “back alley” abortions for the poorest amongst us and the wealthy would jet off to countries where abortion is legal.   


I believe that abortion is a horrible choice that I wish no one would ever make, however, I know that just making it illegal is not a real solution. Abortion is settled law and should remain so. We as a State and a Country need to focus on the root causes that make a person believe that abortion is the only choice.  


As your Representative I support enacting legislation that will help those who seek abortions make better choices. I will work at reducing the number of unwanted pregnancies through education, reducing poverty, and increasing the utilization of adoption.

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