Democrat for State Representative
77th District

Real Issues

Where I stand on “Real Life Issues”.


I believe in effective government that is the right size to meet all the challenges our state faces.


I support fair graduated income taxes and the elimination of the MBT.


I support Small Businesses and their workers as they are the real engine that drives our economy.


I support tax incentives that create jobs, and accountability for companies who receive them. 


I support public education and teachers.


I am anti abortion but support a woman’s reproductive rights.


I support a workers right to form and join a Union. I support “Freedom of Labor”.

I support a reasonable realistic approach to environmental issues.

I Do Not Support!!!


Outsourcing of our jobs and corporate welfare.


Bank Bailouts. “To Big to Fail” is too big to Exist!


“Right to Work” which drives down wages, increases poverty, and increases infant mortality rates. 


Disingenuous Tax Pledges. In all honesty paying taxes suck. However, taxes are what fixes our roads, provides public education, fire and police, and many other needs of our society. To pledge not to raise taxes period is just political party pandering. You deserve better than that.  



Bottom Line


I will not be a yes man to "Right to Life", any political party, or Big Business. I will be the representative of citizens of the 77th district.

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