Democrat for State Representative
77th District

Your Representative


I'd like you to meet my family.  My wife, Marilyn, and I have been married 19 years.  We have two sons, Allen (L) and Anthony (R) and currently live on property in Byron Center that has been in our family name for 4 generations. 

First and foremost I would like to inform you that I am not a politician. I do not believe in, and will not engage in pandering. If you want someone to tell you that they can fix everything and that the world is rosy - I am not that man. I am the man that will say the things that others shy away from. I am the man that is not bought and paid for by any person, any political party, or any right wing group. I will be your representative - the citizens of the 77th district.  

I was born and raised in Byron Center.  I graduated from Byron Center High School in 1985  and started working in the area that same year.  In the last 25 years I have held jobs in manufacturing such as a CNC operator, booth painter, large saw operator, building and machine maintenance, and most recently in plastic injection moulding.  I have also held jobs in management positions.  In 1985 I became a member of the United Brotherhood of Carpenters and held several leadership roles. I am currently the Financial Secretary Treasurer for UBC Local 1701. In 2001 I accepted a representative position with the United Brotherhood of Carpenters Great Lakes Regional Industrial Council. Over my 8 years with the Industrial Council I worked as a contract negotiator for my members and their employers covering all of Michigan, Northern Indiana and North West Ohio. I was also responsible for education and training.  


Some may say that I should not disclose that I am proud union member and worked for the Carpenters Union. However, it is that involvement that gives me a unique perspective on manufacturing and the systematic destruction of our middle class, our country, and our state. I have seen first hand the truth behind “Right to Work” and know that it will hurt the working families of Michigan. I have worked with employers and workers all across America in manufacturing and service related industries to help them both prosper. I have seen that when employers and their employees work together in mutual respect the standard of living was improved for all. Unfortunately, I have also seen the Republican denigration and devaluing of labor and working families. I have seen employers cut wages, slash benefits, and give themselves huge bonuses.


As your Representative I will stand up for manufactures and businesses who respect working families.
As your Representative I will stand up for you.





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